POLE BEANS: After reading our columns on beans last week, Bob Rusiewski added his two cents on why he prefers growing pole beans.

“If you are older, pole beans are easier to pick as you don’t have to bend over so long to pick them, plus with the beans staying elevated rain does not wash/splash dirt on the beans and pesky rabbits can’t get to them either.”

Those sound like good reasons to us.

FRIENDS: Donald Neal of Bradford has submitted a work of poetry titled, “What is a Friend” for our RTS readers to enjoy. It is included below.

What is a Friend?

A friend is someone you can count on,

And never for praise nor pay.

Who is always there when you need someone,

To help you make a better day.

Someone who will call just to chat,

About the events in our world today.

They will make you laugh at some silly little joke,

They make you forget your troubles that way.

Friends usually have something in common,

Sometimes in writing their thoughts in verse.

Sometimes they will brighten your day,

When you think things couldn’t be worse.

They may not have the same views on life,

Everyone has to choose the way they live.

But everyone has the power if need be,

The mistakes, that are made, to forgive.

To give of yourself to bring hope and happiness,

A helping hand, a little praise, a little cheer.

The happiness you have brought to that friend,

Will last for many a year.

Friendship is something very special in life,

Without friends you will be left all alone.

With those friends you will find happiness,

Because of the caring they have shown.