Walk down memory lane: The Era newsroom has a 2019 calendar created by The Bradford Landmark Society, filled with Bradford history and trivia. Taking a look at some of the notable facts for recent days in August, we noticed a few familiar entries and one intriguing one.

The 1999 flood is mentioned on Aug. 20, noting that Parkview, located on West Washington Street at the time, was washed out by the rising waters that occurred following torrential rains.

Parkview was not the only business in the area that had significant damage from the flood. Homes were also hit hard by the rising water.

This flood also impacted the Bradford Area High School, Callahan Park and KOA Speer Electronics, which lost as much as 40% of its inventory when Bennett Brook flooded the plant, pouring water into the building that was five feet deep within the walls.

Bradford Regional Medical Center had two feet of water on the ground floor, which made it challenging to feed the patients and had an impact on water quality in the building for some time.

Meanwhile, on Aug. 23 in 1944, the calendar notes that Bradford was chosen as the site of the new Corning Glass Works. This business kept a factory in Bradford for almost 30 years. A bit of research shows us that Corning sold its electronics division to AVX Corp. and Vishay Intertechnology Inc. for $103 million in cash in 1987. This included its ceramic and glass capacitor division.

The factory was located on Owens Way, in a building which has since been home to numerous businesses.

Finally, the intriguing entry we found: the theft of the Hanley collection of paintings from a home on East Main Street on Aug. 22, 1968. This art heist was a mystery to the area for around eight days, before the paintings were discovered somewhere outside Kane on Aug. 30, which is another entry in our calendar of trivia.

We like the idea of a real-life art heist right here in our local history, although we are also happy to hear the paintings were recovered in short order.