KEYSTONE: There are many facts about Pennsylvania you may not know, such as our state dog (the Great Dane) or our state beverage (milk).

Below are a few more mind-bending trivia answers that could come in handy in the future — or maybe not.

Pennsylvania is the only state to be commonly referred to by its postal abbreviation: PA.

Pennsylvania is the only original colony that did not border the Atlantic Ocean.

Also, PA has the largest Amish population of any of the 50 states in the US.

The oldest gas station in the U.S. is located in Pennsylvania — in Altoona, to be precise.

For sports related trivia, read on: In a state continually known for all things old, the oldest golf course in the United States is located in Clarion. Meanwhile, we have the claim to fame for baseball venues as well. The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh.

Our Commonwealth does recognize the importance of technology. The world’s first computer was used in Philadelphia in 1946.

For a fun and unique geography fact, consider the following: the Monongahela River flows north, unlike most tributaries, rivers and streams, which flow south.

When it comes to dinosaurs, Pennsylvania is the home of the first complete tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. The skeleton looms over visitors in the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.

Finally, a fact that may not be as appealing in today’s era of concern for the well-being of all animals, particularly those that live in structured environments as opposed to their natural habitats: the first zoo was started in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin.

Pennsylvania can also boast the distinction of being the site for the first department store to operate in the U.S. (or at least one of the first). Located in Philadelphia, the store was called Wanamaker’s. It was the first store to use price tags and also was the first store to house a restaurant within the walls of the department store itself.