Packing lunches

A group of women from Bradford Landmark Society prepare lunch boxes at the Friendship Table kitchen Friday for today’s Women’s Creative Workshop at the historic Crook Farm in Bradford. Shown, from left, are Judy Yorks, Sally Costik, Lynn Hobbs, Molly Lindahl and Harrijane Hannon Moore, all of Bradford Landmark, and Barbara Shufran of the Friendship Table.

A group of Bradford Landmark Society women rolled up their sleeves, pulled on latex gloves and formed an assembly line Friday to create box lunches, assembly-line style, at the Friendship Table kitchen in Bradford.

Their purpose was to not only make more than 75 hoagie sandwiches for today’s “Best” of the Women’s Creative Workshop at the historic Crook Farm, but also to pack them and other assorted goodies in boxed lunches in an efficient manner.

“The Friendship Table has helped with this effort for several years now,” said Harrijane Hannon Moore, a member of Bradford Landmark and the Friendship Table boards.

Barbara Shufran, co-chairman of the Friendship Table, said she was approached by Moore over five years ago and asked if the facility’s kitchen could be used for packing box lunches. She readily agreed.

When asked why the Friendship Table continues to help the project each year, Shufran replied, “We are giving back (to Bradford Landmark) because the community is so supportive of us.

“We are always looking for ways that we can give back … that’s what it’s all about,” Shufran added, noting the Friendship Table also will provide meatball hoagies for the Christian Youth Corps Monday.

Sally Costik, curator of Bradford Landmark, said the use of Friendship Table’s kitchen has been a big help not only in providing space to slice meats, cheeses and veggies for the hoagies, but also for packing them. She said having the lunches prepared commercially would be cost-prohibitive for the nonprofit organization and its annual fundraiser at Crook Farm.

“We did this (preparing and packing lunches) over at the Landmark offices the first year” and found there was not enough room in the facility, Costik recalled.

As for the Creative Women’s Workshop, now in its sixth year at the historic farm at 476 Seaward Ave., organizers said it will be held through 3 p.m. today and will include a variety of classes for women hailing from Pennsylvania and New York state.

The concept of the program is for each woman to pick four different classes of her choice. Through the experience, each participant “learns a new skill, expands her knowledge, makes friends and has a great time.”

Classes in blacksmithing, woodburning, knitting, wine making, drawing and creating Ukrainian Easter eggs are just some of the workshops offered during the daylong event.

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