Kingdom Collective worship concert slated for Aug. 7 in Vets Square

Members of the Kingdom Collective worship band perform at a worship concert in Veterans Square.

The universal love for God will shine through at 7 p.m. on Aug. 7, when praise and worship band, Kingdom Collective, takes the stage for the third year in a row in Veterans Square.

John Kearns, music minister for the Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church and keyboardist, vocalist and bassist for Kingdom Collective, said the musical ensemble will be playing mainly contemporary music that’s upbeat or meditative in nature with prayers interlaced in between. He explained it’s not just a concert one comes to sit and listen to — audience members are invited to sing along and pray together.

Kearns noted the music group consists of people from numerous churches within the ministerium and not just one denomination. For those who’d like to worship, though don’t want to do so with a specific denomination, he said to “leave your denomination, bring your faith.”

“Essentially, we are all God’s children,” Kearns explained. “We encourage everyone to stop down, no matter if they’ve been to church last Sunday or haven’t been there in awhile. It’s usually a fun time for all.”

Kingdom Collective is the brainchild of a group of local music and praise ministers who got together to find ways to join the Bradford community together in worship. The group consists of members from a wide variety of denominations playing guitar, keyboard and drums as well as many providing vocals.

In regards to COVID-19 concerns, Kearns said “if you’re masking, please bring a mask, though if you aren’t masking, please be respectful of those who are.”

The event will be live streamed on the Kingdom Collective facebook page for those who may not feel safe being in a large group of people yet. For those who want to attend in person, Kearns recommended bringing a comfortable chair due to limited seating.

Anyone who’s interested in possibly joining the Kingdom Collective is encouraged to contact one of the members or send a message to the Kingdom Collective Facebook page.