Dr. Pradhan

A long-time name on the directory for Bradford Pediatrics is announcing a change going forward. Dr. Anil Pradhan, who has provided care for multiple generations of area families, is retiring.

Dr. Pradhan submitted this statement to The Era on Friday, to be printed for his patients to read:

“It is with utmost gratitude and heavy heart I announce my (near complete) retirement.

From June 18th onward, I will be providing services only on a limited basis.

Thanks for your trust and faith in me. I have had a very rewarding career in our community and I will be forever grateful to you all!”

Dr. Pradhan has been practicing in the area for 38 years, having arrived in April of 1981. He explained that a combination of factors have contributed to his decision to retire, among them age and the fact that he is and his wife like to travel. Also, he is looking forward to the chance to spend time with his grandchildren.

He explained, however, that he has no plans to move out of the area anytime in the future.

“I love this community, the people are so friendly,” he said. “I love to see the changing of the seasons. I had not seen snow until I came to the US in 1973, and my fascination has not gone away. (noting the sunshine and warmth of a sunny Friday) On a day like today, who can complain?”

Dr. Pradhan grew up in Bombay, India, which is a big metropolis. He also spent a year in New York City during his medical training.

“It was at that time, I decided I wanted to make my home in a small, more rural community,” he said.

He noted that, for a community this size, there are numerous amenities that wouldn’t be available in a community of comparable size in India. He mentioned the YMCA and the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford as two of those amenities.

During his almost four decades of practice, Dr. Pradhan noted he has seen people grow up and have children of their own.

“I am definitely seeing a third generation of patients. Those who were teens 38 years ago - some are grandparents now,” he noted. “Seeing graduation brought tears to my eyes, as I have seen (those graduates) as babies.

“I have a lot of pride, seeing people in the community grow up.”

Dr. Pradhan explained that he will still see people through the services he will offer, and that he loves the interaction of seeing children in the office.

“I don’t want to miss out on that,” he said. With the partial retirement, he said he will be getting the best of both worlds.

Dr. Pradhan’s favorite part of his long career has been seeing the growth and development of his patients.

“My favorite part is seeing them grow up right in front of your eyes, watching from the first checkup a few days after birth and seeing them mature and move on,” he said.

When asked how many patients he had seen, he couldn’t be sure but imagined the numbers could be in the thousands.

“I feel very fortunate. It has been a very rewarding experience,” he said.