Bradford man arraigned on more charges Tuesday

A Bradford man who was already in McKean County Jail on a pending criminal case was arraigned on a second case Tuesday.

Gregory P. Benavidez Jr., 26, was arraigned before District Judge Dominic Cercone on a charge of receiving stolen property, a first-degree misdemeanor.

According to the criminal complaint, on March 22, a man reported to Bradford City Police that sometime between March 15-18, someone stole the following items from a flight simulator system that was 10 Chestnut St.: four computer monitors, a four-computer-monitor stand, computer cables and simulator flight controls. Later in the shift, another officer reported that the flight simulator had been spotted at 43 Forman St. when he was there for a different reason.

Residents of 43 Forman St. told police that Benavidez was the one who brought the items there, court records stated.

Later, when police tried to interview Benavidez at the McKean County Jail, he told the officer he wanted to talk to his lawyer, and the officer ended the interview, the complaint stated.

Bail in the new case is set at $2,500, and he is scheduled to appear in Central Court May 23.

Benavidez has been incarcerated in jail since March 17 on allegations that on March 1, he went into the secured office at the Chestnut Street Uni-Mart in Bradford while a co-defendant distracted the clerk.

Benavidez took an envelope with a flash drive — which he later destroyed — and money from a drawer in the office, then went back out by the counter and took money from a plastic donation jar marked to benefit a local family.

Police later learned the pair was taking money from the store for about two weeks, which they used to buy marijuana, and they also took food and cigarettes from the store, court records indicated. In the case, Benavidez — who must register as a sex offender — is also accused of moving without registering his new address.

A last day to plea conference for the older case is set for June 27 in McKean County Court.

Bradford man charged with felony theft

A Bradford man is facing allegations he failed to make payments on thousands of dollars worth of leased items.

Allan E. Huff, 52, of 82 Euclid Ave., was arraigned Tuesday before District Judge Dominic Cercone on one charge of theft of leased property, a third-degree felony.

According to the criminal complaint, on Aug. 11, leased several items from the House of Television in Bradford. The items were a Crosley refrigerator valued at $259, a Magnavox 32-inch television valued at $181.39, a Whirlpool dishwater valued at 830.68, a Crosley washing machine valued at $467.01, an ARC AMC air conditioner valued at $505.96, a Samsung 50-inch television valued at $986.53 and a Sharp 65-inch television valued at $1,428.25.

The fair market value of the items he leased is $4,658.82, the complaint stated.

According to court records, as of April 21, Huff had only made one minimal payment of $10.

Huff is free on $7,500 unsecured bail, and a Central Court date is set for May 23.

Ambridge man accused of theft of leased property

An Ambridge man was arraigned Tuesday before District Judge Dominic Cercone on a charge of theft of leased property, a first-degree misdemeanor.

On June 8, Terry J. Bornheimer, 32, of 1602 Duss Ave., Apt. 1, had leased a two-piece living room set worth $1,493.20 from the House of Television in Bradford, the criminal complaint stated.

According to the complaint, has only made one payment and has not made any payments since June 29.

Bornheimer is free on $5,000 unsecured bail. He is scheduled to appear in Central Court on May 23.