The Bradford Businessmen’s Chess League resumed competition online after the Christmas break on Jan. 6. After round 6, Dr. Gonzalez’s team continues to lead the junior varsity division, and Wood Chiropractic’s team is in first place in varsity.

Just half a point behind in varsity is Beefeaters Restaurant’s team, while the teams of the Main Street Movie House, A Slice of the 80s, and Prestige: Watch & Jewelry are tied for third. In JV, Bysiek CPA’s team is gaining on Dr. Gonzalez’s, and the Williams Agency team is in third.

Top individual scorer for board one in the junior varsity is Jamin Bell (captain for Dr. Gonzalez). There’s a three-way tie for second: Kadyn Tessena (captain for Dexter’s), Sylvia Bysiek (co-captain for Bysiek CPA), and Aiden Ferguson (captain for Tasta Pizza). Owen Tingley (playing for Dr. Gonzalez) is in first place for board 2, while Lucas Wallace (member of the Williams Agency) and Juliana Bysiek (co-captain for Bysiek CPA) are tied for second.

Mike Jones (captain of Wood Chiropractic) stands alone in first place. Tamara Gennadievna (captain for Prestige) is in second. It’s a three-way tie for third place between Mark Caminite (captain for E&M Engineers), Ryan Ferguson (captain for the Movie House), and Bob Ferguson (captain for Beefeaters). Chris Bishop (Beefeaters) is in first place for board 2. Peyton Haight (A Slice of the 80s) holds second, and two individuals are tied for third on board 2: Ed Bysiek (Main Street Movie House), and Jeremy Childs (Wood Chiropractic).

Chess will resume meeting in-person today at the First Baptist Church on Congress Street.

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