Auditions start today for BLT’s ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Cast members from Bradford Little Theatre’s 2018 shadow performance of “Rocky Horror Picture Show, from left, David Merwine, Devon Moore and Taylar Mager, rehearse. The local theater group will take on the cult classic again this fall, with the first of three auditions set for today.

It all starts with a flat tire on a rainy night…

For anyone who wants an inside view of the weird world of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” Bradford Little Theatre will hold auditions starting today for a shadow performance of the classic film.

The theater group is putting together a “shadow cast” to dress in costume, lip sync and pantomime in front of the original 1975 film version in front of a live audience. There will be no speaking lines.

Auditions will be held starting at 6 p.m. today and Wednesday, then from 10 a.m. to noon Sunday. They’ll take place at Togi’s Playhouse, 18 Welch Ave.

Participants must be at least 18 years old to audition.

Anyone auditioning should be ready to do the “Time Warp,” perform a one minute-long lip sync of a song from the film and bring a list of scheduling conflicts in October.

This is the second year BLT will perform “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” In 2018, BLT put on one performance on the Saturday before Halloween.

Again this year, Tiffany Mager is directing with assistance from Jessica Ann Coder.

“We’re doing this show again because we had so much fun last year that we knew we had to make it an annual event,” said Coder.

This year, they will offer two performances on the night of Oct. 26. Performances will take place at the Main Street Movie House in Bradford.

“The crowd last year was over 150 people, which for a first year performance at midnight was fantastic,” said Coder. “And they were a fantastic crowd, dressing up, using the props, and yelling some really awesome callbacks.”

As some roles require actors to cross dress or be in only underwear, actors should let the director know if they want a more clean-cut role.

The characters are Brad Majors, a hero; Janet Weiss, a heroine; Frank-N-Furter, a scientist; Riff Raff, a handyman; Magenta, a domestic; Columbia, a groupie; Rocky, a creation; Dr. Scott, a rival scientist; Criminologist, an expert; Eddie, an ex-delivery boy; Betty Hapschatt, the wife; Ralph Hapschatt, the husband; and Transylvanians, who are extras.