Company officials confirmed that Allegheny Bradford Corp. and its subsidiaries would remain open under a state executive order shuttering non-life-sustaining businesses amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Given the nature of the work done at the Lewis Run, PA facilities and the need to supply the nation with life-sustaining food and medicine across the world, the sites have been deemed essential in line with the Pennsylvania directive and critical production will continue,” stated Dan McCune, CEO of Allegheny Bradford Corp.

The companies manufacture and market stainless steel, sanitary/hygienic products to the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, cosmetic, food, beverage, dairy, and electronics processing industries.

To give examples of the importance the company has in these life-sustaining industries, the process equipment manufactured by Allegheny Bradford Corporation and Top Line is used in the production of medicine and vaccines for both chemical and live cells and food production in thousands of processing plants around the U.S. and the world. Allegheny Surface Technology provides surface finish solutions for stainless steel parts and equipment like surgical baskets used during surgeries, and incubators for medical treatments and research. ABC Actini manufactures decontamination systems for labs and large biofacilities for contained environments. Collectively, the company needs to provide support, maintenance and new delivery of equipment to keep these industries operating.

Corporation officials understand that to continue operating in these challenging times they must make employee safety their paramount goal. Some of the actions the corporation is taking to create a safe work environment are:

• have as many employees as possible working from home

• spread out employees working at its facilities

• hire people to disinfect the facilities during the day.

• limit travel between buildings

• limit meetings and encourage more teleconferences

• close the facilities to all non-essential visitors

• stop all company travel

• have all the buildings completely disinfected every weekend.

“While we believe it is our duty to do our part in supporting the supply chain of food and medicine to us all, we also believe we can do this and minimize the risk to our team,” a press release from the corporations stated. “In the coming weeks we will be trying our best to do both and keep our operations running. We also realize that as the virus spreads we may have to adapt our actions and plans to ensure the safety of all our employees.”